KEBO : Our Experience - Your Success

How is it possible these days for a small resp. medium size company to be successful on different markets and in various industrial branches in spite of all big competitors?

The answer is quite simple: 80 years of experience and customer-focussed development of products resulted in a large scale product programme which contributes to customers' success by continuous innovation combined with growing knowledge and Know-How of the specific application.

Whether it is the sugar industry with their requirements for the proper antiscalents, antifoams, cleaning agents, dispersants a.s.o. or solutions are required with regard to water treatment in power plants, in district heating systems or in general for boiler water and cooling water, e.g. descaling, prevention of scale formation, dispersion -Keller & Bohacek supplies made-to-measure chemicals for these purposes. 

The steel industry with its complex requirements for highly efficient pickling inhibitors for the protection against corrosion, non-polluting degreasing agents, neutralization and metal protecting agents as well as passivators expects the best recommendation for an optimal pickling focussed at their production parameters and raw materials.

The sound knowledge about metal surface treatment is also the basis for a competent consulting regarding chemical cleaning. Whether it is a simple decalcification, descaling, tube cleaning or evaporators, heat exchangers and boilers with a complicated composition of scale, KEBO supplies the necessary corrosion inhibitors, sequestering agents or also industrial cleaners ready for use.

As latest development of products KEBO succeeded in new formulations of additives enabling our partners in the crude oil industry to liquefy highly viscous crude oil residues in tanks and pipelines so that they can be reused in the refinery and consequently expensive mechanical actions of disposal which lead to a pollution of the environment are avoided.