Development of Individual Product Solutions

Our customers and our company are searching for possibilities to reduce the costs by optimizing production processes. If chemical products are necessary for these purposes, in general commodities are not sufficient so that special chemicals, often even very complex product formulations, are required. As the production plants and the connected process conditions are individually adjusted in nearly every company, the requirement for the additives to be applied is the same.

Most of the process parameters such as e.g. temperature, pressures, pH-values, reaction times a.s.o. have to be considered at the choice of the appropriate chemical processing aids. The materials existing in the production plants and which come into contact with the chemicals are also of great importance. Incompatibilities should be avoided at all events.

This is also valid to an extremely high degree for human beings working with these additives. In this case already at the development of products such raw materials have to be excluded presenting a potential danger for health. All these thoughts are considered at the aimed and responsible development of additives for the individual requirement of our customers.