Keller & Bohacek offers a variety of product formulations which are applied in different industrial branches. Many products were formulated for the protection of metal surfaces at the pickling with acids or at the chemical cleaning of industrial plants. Additives for the acceleration of alkaline or acid cleaning procedures as well as neutralization and metal protecting agents for the mechanical and chemical protection of cleaned surfaces are also included in this product programme. A further important field of activity is the production of processing aids for the application in sugar factories.

In addition to special cleaning additives for the cleaning of evaporators also antifoams and antiscalents are supplied which have to comply with the regulations for food processing. The KEBO antiscalent is worldwide the only one which has been tested for 90 days with regard to toxicology and in addition its nonobjection has been confirmed also for molasses.

Furthermore, KEBO offers the whole range of water conditioning agents whether for applications in boiler water or also for the treatment of cooling water. In summary the main areas can be defined as follows: for the steel industry, sugar production, water treatment and chemical cleaning in nearly all industrial branches.