Solutions for the Chemical Cleaning

The numerous cleaning problems and the wide choice of additives offered by us (KEBOPLEX Types, KEBOSOL Types, KEBOCLEAN Types), inhibitors (LITHSOLVENT Types) and cleaning solutions ready for use imply a detailed consulting prior to the beginning of the cleaning.

Chemical cleanings of plant parts are always necessary when the heat transfer surfaces are contaminated and therefore, the cooling or heating steps of a process are not ensured anymore. Such plants are e.g. boilers, cooling towers and water-supply lines where disturbing pressure losses occur.

The reason for such contaminations can be precipitations of suspended solids, adhesion of solid matters (fouling) washed out in the cooling tower, formation of corrosion products, adhesion of microorganisms.

Prior to a chemical cleaning the scale has to be analyzed and the material composition of the object should be known. Incompatibilities between the cleaning liquid and the materials have to be excluded. If necessary, endangered fittings have to disassembled or by-passed.

Solubility tests should be carried out with a scale sample to be able to determine the kind of acid, its concentration and the necessary temperature.

At boiler operation as well as at the concentration of juices in the food industry scales may be formed which cannot easily be dissolved in acid. In such cases the deposits have to be converted into acid soluble solid matter.

For the removal of fat and oil completely different cleaning procedures are necessary. In this case not only simple degreasing agents on aqueous basis but also pure organic solvents are applied depending on the kind of contamination resp. on which type of disposal is the most effective one later.