The term metal degreasing and cleaning signifies the removal of contaminations mainly consisting of fat and oil, further of other organic substances such as e.g. bore and grinding emulsions, corrosion inhibitors and metal working fluids a.s.o.

A universal agent for the quick removal of such contaminations is not available, but alkaline agents are appropriate for their elimination, other contaminations are eliminated preferably with acid products as some parts at the working piece do not endure higher temperatures.

KEBO has developed products for both media and which can be used by immersion, flooding or spraying. The proper coordination of the components contained in the KEBOSOL products cover a broad spectrum of efficiency in the area of alkaline and acid degreasing.

Compared with the alkaline degreasing  in the temperature range of 60 to 80°C the acid KEBO degreasing agent can be universally applied already at room temperature. The liquid KEBOSOL Types are highly efficient degreasing agents for hydrochloric and sulfuric acid solution with inhibition effect for the protection of metallic materials at the same time. They can also be used as pickling activator in acid solutions and as additives for flux baths.

There, they reduce the surface tension of highly concentrated flux baths and an immediate wetting of the surfaces to be galvanized takes place. The action of the alkaline cleaning agents is based on capillary physical and pure chemical processes. The alkaline KEBOSOL Types are mainly used in the sugar industry. Sugar degradation products and other organic ingredients (e.g. proteins) are better and quicker dissolved.

For the degreasing of metal parts in alkaline as well as acid media our KEBOCLEAN Types are excellently adapted to the cleaning process. They are liquid as well as solid products which are optimally appropriate for the cleaning and degreasing of hard metal surfaces. They can be added to the alkaline medium as cleaning and degreasing concentrate or as surfactant formulation be prepared with demineralized water. They are universally applicable in the temperature range from ambient temperature up to 80/90°C.

The KEBOCLEAN Types with inhibition effect at the same time developed for the acid cleaning are best suitable for the temperature range from ambient temperature up to 60°C and are mainly used in the galvanizing industry. They combine a good cleaning with the formation of a covering layer consisting of iron oxide and iron phosphate.

The degreasing effect is supported by the low-foaming emulsifiers as well as wetting agents included in our acid cleaning agent formulations. The advantage is that an intermediate rinsing is left out as these acid cleaners do not contaminate the subsequent acid baths.

The KEBOCLEAN Types used in the oil industry are mainly of pure organic nature and are destined to remove persistent contaminations in oil tanks, pipings a.s.o., but also to remove simple greasy stains on hard surfaces. We recommend cleaning tests in the laboratory as also done for inorganic scales, because no oil/fat is like the other.