LITHSOLVENT Types are inhibitors which prevent the attack of the acid on the material to be cleaned at the acid cleanings. Experience for several decades with different questions with regard to the removal of disturbing scales resulted in the development of a wide choice of inhibitors. Dependent on kind of acid, temperature, cleaning time and materials the most efficient inhibitor will be recommended.

Unless known, mass loss rates with and without inhibitor are measured in the laboratory to record the later protection effect in terms of figures. Many scales are so difficult to dissolve that our customers make use of our experience with acids and acid mixtures as well as their efficient inhibition.

LITHSOLVENT Cleaners are mixtures of acid and inhibitor ready for use and destined for those customers who do not dispose of the possibility to prepare the cleaning solutions on their own. In general, it is inhibited formic acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid formulated for different cleaning temperatures and materials.