Solutions for the Process of Sugar Production

Since 1943 Keller & Bohacek worked on the chemical cleaning of evaporators, preheaters, filters a.s.o. as well as their protection against corrosion between the campaigns. Furthermore, we supply antifoams for the flume water area and the juice section including sugarhouse as well as sedimentation and crystallization aids.

To complete the delivery programme we elaborated the following conception:

Development of an antiscalent being efficient during the whole beet processing period and to succeed in possibly small amounts of scales in the evaporators at the end of the campaign. This way it is nowadays possible to reduce the formation of scales in evaporation stations by 80 to 90 % and more.

Development of a cleaning procedure to remove the minor residual scales still being formed. A product with sequestering and dispersing properties especially formulated for the cane sugar industry has proved well also in this difficult field.

The advantages of our product programme are:

At constant evaporation rate the pressure difference heating steam / juice vapor in the individual effects remains nearly unchanged.

There is no loss in capacity of the evaporation rate.

No increase in steam consumption. At constant pressure conditions it is not necessary to adjust the juice vapor for the sugar house to the next higher pressure level.

The change of colour of the juice is limited to a minimum as the pressure and the temperature in the heating chamber of the effect I does not increase.

Savings of costs for energy and intermediate chemical cleanings, shortening of the campaign.

Prevention of sugar losses at stopping and starting of the factory to clean the evaporators.


Less harmful waste waters containing acids and alkalis. These effluents are difficult to clean by biological means because they contain a lot of chlorides.