KEBO DS is a low-molecular polyelectrolyte free from nitrogen and phosphate to prevent the formation of scales in evaporation stations of the beet and cane sugar industry. KEBO DS is considered to keep in dissolution especially calcium ions in presence of oxalate, sulfate and phosphate ions in boiling sugar solutions at substoichiometric dosage on conditions which normally cause a precipitation of the scale forming agents (so called THRESHOLD-Effect).

Besides its excellent high metal ion binding capacity KEBO DS shows good dispersing properties. KEBO DS is of particular advantage when being used in the sugar industry as it is not volatile at high temperatures and completely resistant to hydrolysis.

KEBO DS is dosed to the thin juice before entering the evaporation station by means of a dosing unit. All devices and parts are supplied by us. There is worldwide no other antiscalent for sugar factories which has been toxicologically examined to such an extent as KEBO DS. The acute oral toxicity at mice is: LD50 > 10.000 mg/kg. Neither dose nor substance related effects were detected at the subacute oral toxicity test for rats and also during a 90 days' subchronic oral toxicity test for rats. The established No Effect Level (NEL) is more than 1.800 ppm resp. 210 mg/kg body weight of rat.

Corresponding to the international recommendations (WHO, Council of Europe a.s.o.) the ADI value (Acceptable Daily Intake) for indirect food additives may be calculated on the basis of a 90 days’ feeding study in rats. Based on the results of the 90 days’ feeding study with KEBO DS it can be calculated that the residues of this product in the sugar up to a maximum concentration of 3 ppm can be considered as generally recognized as safe to health in accordance with the German law for food additives (LMBG § 11). The examination was effected by the Research and Consulting Company (RCC), CH-4452 Itingen).

In case of proper application KEBO DS complies with the requirements of the German law for food additives and necessary articles (LMBG) § 11 para 2 phrase 1. KEBO DS complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR § 173.73.