Solutions for the Surface Treatment

Our Department for Pickling and Cleaning Technique disposes of experience gained during decades with the protection of steel surfaces at the steel production as well as the cleaning of boilers and chemical plants. Research, development of new products and a good service have made us known. Cooperation agreements with cleaning companies complete the service package. We supply special chemicals, inhibitors, passivators, activators and provide individual advice.

The purpose of pickling is the detachment of oxide and mill scale layers or other corrosion products from the metal surface by means of acids. At this process, however, also the base metal is attacked which is undesired. This acid attack leads to metal losses, unnecessary consumption of acid and damages by pickling i.e. formation of pores, overpickling, hydrogen embrittlement, bad pickling atmosphere a.s.o.

All these disadvantages which may result in material faults, can be avoided by using our inhibitors. We elaborate pickling and cleaning procedures which are based on the examination of the state of the surface of metal samples and on the analysis of scales. The design of the plants is decisive for the technical sequence. The monitoring of the inhibitor concentration is made by our experts resp. can be carried out at site with simple quick tests.

Do not hesitate to contact us before you pickle or clean.