Neutralization / Passivation


After the pickling in acids the material has to be well rinsed and subsequently neutralized. For this purpose we offer our solid as well as also liquid neutralizing and passivating agents to neutralize resp. remove the acid and pickling residues existing in the surface structure and the pores.

In addition the sequestering agents contained in the NEUTRACID Types ensure a temporary protection against corrosion of the steel surface thus avoiding a rusting of the work pieces during storage for a certain time. Galvanized surfaces are not attacked. Some NEUTRACID Types contain metal protecting agents which reduce the damage of the steel surface, i.e. less scratches occur.


Despite the rinsing there are still some minor residues of acids and iron salts to be found on the surface of the material after pickling which do not only have an unfavourable effect on the protection against corrosion but also may cause inconvenient trouble during further treatments.

The complete removal of acid as well as salt residues is achieved by adding our passivating agents. Contrary to other agents not only the acid residues on the material surface is neutralized but also the pickling residues (such as iron sulfate or iron chloride) existing in the pores are removed.

The application of our liquid KEBOCOR products provides essentially better properties of protection against corrosion and a perfect surface. The pickled sheet which was treated afterwards with KEBOCOR can be stored for a long time without rusting prior to further treatment, also without oiling.