Solutions for Water Treatment

Boiler and feed waters have to be physically and chemically pretreated to reduce the corrosion of the boiler and its auxiliary equipments on the one hand and to avoid the formation of deposits in the tubes on the other hand. Both procedures considerably impair the heat transfer.

For this purpose we developed our boiler water conditioning agent KEBO X which is based on an aqueous alkalizing solution to which corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, antifoams and special antiscaling compounds are added. At high contents of hydrogen carbonate in the feed water carbon dioxide and caustic soda solution are being formed during the boiler operation resulting in an increase in the pH-value of the boiler water.

In such cases the application of KEBO ULTRA is recommended. The product contains all substances of KEBO X except for the alkalizing agent. The carbon dioxide entering the steam leads to damages by corrosion in the steam - condensate system. This problem is solved with different steam volatile products containing amine, the KEBOMIN Types.

These agents neutralize the carbon dioxide, form protective layers and films and are used to bind the residual hardness. Oxygen corrosion is effectively suppressed with various oxygen scavengers. The choice of products is adapted to each individual plant.

A modern cooling and industrial water treatment aims at an economical use of the raw material water which becomes more and more valuable, at the protection against scales and corrosion and at the prevention of microbial growth or formation of algae.

Our product serie KEBOPLEX is used as scale control aid and for stabilization of other dissolved salts. If the protection of the plant against corrosion is required besides the water treatment, our KEBOCOR products will be applied. KEBOCID Types are necessary for open and closed circuits to avoid the microbial growth or formation of algae.