Boiler Water / District Heating


KEBO X is a liquid special chemical free from phosphate for the alkalization, binding of residual hardness and dispersion of deposits in steam boilers, warm water boilers and district heating systems. KEBO X was tested and registered as appropriate antiscaling compound with the No. 08/KG 47 by the German Boiler Inspection Board (TÜV). In case of proper application KEBO X complies with the requirements of the German law for food additives and necessary articles (LMBG) § 11 para 2 phrase 1.


KEBO ULTRA is a boiler water conditioning agent which at sufficient alkalinity in the boiler water optimizes the operating conditions in the steam generating system. Precipitations occurring at the entering of hardness constituents are efficiently dispersed and consequently prevented from forming adhesive scales.

The product is not steam volatile and therefore, can also be used in systems of the food and feed processing industries without any restrictions. An optimum effect will be achieved with concentrations of 100 - 140 ppm KEBO ULTRA in the boiler water.


An optimum protection for steam boiler plants is offered by steam-volatile products which do not only protect the boiler but also the steam and condensate systems. In addition to the stabilization of hardness and dispersion of solid matter the amines build up magnetite protective layers and films on the surface and alkalize the condensate system.

Further amines are used as oxygen scavengers. On the basis of water analysis and inspection of the plant at site we elaborate the most economical proposal for conditioning.