Founded in Halle on 2.1.1926 and named Rostschutz GmbH until the 30es at first the company constructed galvanizing plants, however, already developed pickling inhibitors for the steel industry as well as corrosion inhibitors.

The second World War forced many companies to change their brass tubes being urgently required by the armaments industry against simple steel tubes. As brass still could be treated with boiling hydrochloric acid without the necessity of applying inhibitors this procedure was impossible for steel. This circumstance lead to starting activities in the sugar industry, particularly for chemical cleanings from 1943 on.

The chemical cleaning of small industrial plants, above all boilers of power stations prepared the ground for the development of water treatment chemicals from 1945 on. In 1946 Keller & Bohacek GmbH was founded in Braunschweig, in 1952 the company moved to Düsseldorf and in 1957 KEBO FRANCE was founded in Paris. They particularly take care for the solution of problems in the sugar industry.

In the 60es and 70es the main activities were concentrated on the field of chemical cleaning of petrochemical plants, particularly those for the production of ammonia and ethylene. In the area of power stations pickling works at turbine oil systems of large boilers were carried out. Besides the traditional markets in Europe now also the business with customers abroad was activated.

In 1975 the long lasting experience in the field of plant cleaning highly contributed to the development of a cleaning procedure for sugar factories and consequently succeeded in the development of an efficient scale prevention system in such production processes.

This conception was optimized during the practical use at site for many years and is nowadays applied in nearly all larger European sugar factories. Parallel to the development of products for chemical companies, steel industry and sugar factories the product programme was extended to the treatment of cooling water and boiler feed water. The existing experience with protection against corrosion further succeeded in the development of efficient water conditioning agents and scale control aids.