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On this page we prepared some exciting papers on our main topics for you. Our brochures inform you about the various aspects of our products and solutions and also provide you with interesting facts and figures. If you are looking for detailed information on a specific product, please take a look at the "Product" menu item. There you will find everything you need to know, from application and technical data to general information and correct storage. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or need additional support - we'll be happy to help!


Whitepaper: crystallization process

The whitepaper contains a comprehensive overview of the crystallization process, including relevant KPIs and proven procedures. We present the key process steps that lead to optimal control over crystallization and thus uniform sugar growth. 

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Reduce foam effectively!

Industrial production and transport processes often suffer from disruptive foam building caused by the turbulence of air or the release of gases in combination with foam-forming substances. With our high-performance defoamers, we offer a comprehensive solution for the preventive control of foam formation and the active control of processes.

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Compact info on the subject of steel

Pickling is an essential, highly complex pretreatment step for high-quality metalworking. From sustainable material savings to significantly improved quality of the end product - our brochure "Pickling and Corrosion Inhibitors" tells you everything you need to know about our products for measurable economic success in steel production.

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Factsheets on the topic of cleaners & inhibitors

Did you know that just 1 millimeter of scale coating is enough to increase fuel consumption by around 10 percent?  Our brochure "Cleaners & Inhibitors" provides you with a compact overview of how you can increase the efficiency of your systems and extend their service life with the right chemical cleaning.

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The products shown on our website are only a selection of our entire product range. There is no universal remedy for the rapid removal of impurities. Some can be removed well with alkaline agents, others better in the acidic range. The large variety of conceivable cleaning problems and the large number of additives, inhibitors and ready-to-use cleaning solutions offered by us make it advisable to obtain detailed advice before starting cleaning.
The same applies to inhibitors, defoamers, scale preventers, corrosion inhibitors, pickling inhibitors, etc. Depending on the plant, material, product and the type of boiler/cooling water is used, different individual challenges arise. We are well equipped for them.

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On request, we can analyze deposits in our laboratory and develop a cleaning strategy based on our many years of experience, taking into account the conditions on site.

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